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3D Walmart Retail Visualization

I created this from October 2014 - May 2015 for ATLAS Technology Group. All assets were created by me except for the standalone fruit in the produce section. All assets were made to real world scale through measurements and textures/signage was either made by hand or made from photos I took. All assets were created in Cinema 4D and imported and arranged in Unity.

Since this is a very large project to document I will upload additional photos or 3D models from the scene when they are ready.

Karl northfell produce 2

Walmart Unity scene I created for ATLAS Technology Group from October 2014 - May 2015

Karl northfell produce 1
Karl northfell produce 3
Karl northfell entrance produce 2
Karl northfell entrance comparison

Comparison of the walmart scene in Unity and a picture taken in the store it was based on

Karl northfell entrance produce 1

There are two carts that can be driven in the scene, a traditional shopping cart and an electric one

Karl northfell entrance pharmacy 2

Doors at the entrance can sense when the player is going through them and will automatically open

Karl northfell entrance pharmacy 1

Due to performance needs the lighting is not realtime but is instead baked into the scene with strategic light placements.

Karl northfell pharmacy 1
Karl northfell pharmacy 2
Karl northfell checkout aisle 1
Karl northfell checkout aisle 2
Karl northfell checkout self 1
Karl northfell grocery 1
Karl northfell grocery 2
Karl northfell grocery 3